30 August 2018

Finance Minister visit to PRA

Punjab Finance Minister Mr. Makhdoom Hashim Bakht paid a courtesy visit to PRA headquarters and met Chairman Dr. Raheal Ahmad Siddiqui. On this occasion the Chairman briefed the visiting Minister on the working of the agency, its structure and its achievements. The visiting Minister appreciated the efforts of PRA and promised his support for the department & future endeavors.

22 February 2018

Faisalabad – 7th, 8th & 9th RIMS Balloting February 2018

The 7th, 8th and 9th balloting of Amanat Scheme (RIMS) was held on 22nd February 20178 in Faisalabad.Honorable Chief Guest, Mayor Faisalabad Mr. Razzaq Malik distributed prizes of the 4st, 5th & 6th balloting while announced the names of the winners 7th, 8th and 9th balloting for prizes of Umrah tickets, Tablets, Food Coupons and LED TVs. The chief guest congratulated PRA on completion of successful balloting and appreciated its effort on adopting such innovative tax generating ideas. ADC Headquarter PRA, Aaman Anwar Kedwaii thanked the Mayor on his Participation and talked about tax reforms adopted by his department and shed light on various achievements reached by their implementation.

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What Is PRA?

PRA works as a neutral tax law enforcement agency ensuring that government’s due tax share in economic activities is reaped to the optimal level.


The provincial tax systems in Pakistan are more or less based upon a colonial legacy. The dawn of 21st century has seen a visible change in the governance patterns...

How to pay?

Sales tax shall be payable through filing of prescribed return in the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan. The forms of sales tax return along with annexures and tax payment challan have been prescribed under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Filing of Returns) Rules, 2012. These forms can be downloaded from PRA’s website.

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How To Reach Us

Till PRA establishes its own headquarters, the documentary correspondence with PRA may be addressed to the Chairperson, Punjab Revenue Authority through the Secretary, Department of Finance, Government of Punjab, Civil Secretariat, Lahore.(From 01-12-2012 onwards, PRA headquarters’ office stands shifted to 5-B, Danepur Road, GOR-I, Lahore and future correspondence may therefore, be sent to the new address).

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How to Obtain STRN for PRA

Sales tax registration number may be obtained from the Punjab Revenue Authority either through electronic request or manually without any fee.

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