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15 November 2017

PRA Senior Internship Programme

Posted By Usman Sheikh

PRA launches the Senior Internship programme for the Graduated/Under-Graduation | Equivalant Degree students. There are four functional areas "Enforcment, Budget and Account, Infromation Technology and Tax Policy". Huge opportunity to be a part of government authority. You can also get the Internship completion certificate, Public sector exposure and stipend. To Apply Click Here

17 October 2017

PRA launches Sales Tax Real Time Invoice Verification system (STRIVE)

Posted By Usman Sheikh

PRA launches Sales Tax Real Time Invoice Verification system (STRIVE) on 20-10-2017. Chief guest Finance Minister Punjab, Dr. Aisha Ghaus Pasha inaugurated the system in the presence of members of Pakistan Tax Bar, LTBA and ICAP. STRIVE system is a purpose-built software for verifying real time sales tax invoices in-order to stop frauds and bogus claims of input adjustment of sales tax. This system will not only cross check input clams in real time but will also ensure Transparency. The launch of this innovative verification software is a step towards improving accountability between taxpayers & PRA reciprocally. Finance Minister, Punjab, stressed the need of further development of such smart systems to promote transparency in revenue collection and to make PRA fully digitilized. Chairman PRA, Dr. Raheal Ahmed Siddiqi stated, the new system is strategically aligned with the core objectives of PRA i-e to ensure transparency and accountability through innovation. Representatives of PTBA, LTBA, & ICAP also supported the initiative of PRA.

08 October 2017

Faisalabad Balloting 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Posted By Usman Sheikh

An event, to hold the 1st, 2nd and 3rd balloting of Amanat Scheme under the thriving and popular Restaurant Invoice Monitoring Scheme, was organized by Punjab Revenue Authority on 8th October 2017 at a local Hotel, Faisalabad. Honorable Chief Guest, Punjab Law Minister, Mr. Rana Sanaullah announced the names of the winners for prizes of Suzuki swift, Honda CD-70, Umrah tickets, Tablets, Food Coupons and LED TVs. The Minister in his remarks congratulated the department for its innovative way of generating taxes. He showed his satisfaction on the progress made by PRA and assured PRA his full support to grow as a modern, state of the art tax collecting agency. Chairman PRA Dr. Raheal Siddiqi presented the initiative taken by PRA for the achievements of its target. The Chairman shed light on the newly launched initiative under taken by PRA of Tax Clinics for various sectors.

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PRA works as a neutral tax law enforcement agency ensuring that government’s due tax share in economic activities is reaped to the optimal level.


The provincial tax systems in Pakistan are more or less based upon a colonial legacy. The dawn of 21st century has seen a visible change in the governance patterns...

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Sales tax shall be payable through filing of prescribed return in the designated branches of National Bank of Pakistan. The forms of sales tax return along with annexures and tax payment challan have been prescribed under the Punjab Sales Tax on Services (Filing of Returns) Rules, 2012. These forms can be downloaded from PRA’s website.

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Till PRA establishes its own headquarters, the documentary correspondence with PRA may be addressed to the Chairperson, Punjab Revenue Authority through the Secretary, Department of Finance, Government of Punjab, Civil Secretariat, Lahore.(From 01-12-2012 onwards, PRA headquarters’ office stands shifted to 5-B, Danepur Road, GOR-I, Lahore and future correspondence may therefore, be sent to the new address).

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Sales tax registration number may be obtained from the Punjab Revenue Authority either through electronic request or manually without any fee.

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